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¿Picores en el gato? ¿Qué se puede hacer?

El trabajo del "síndrome del gato con picor" puede ser una tarea laboriosa sin garantías de identificar la causa del prurito, lo que puede resultar frustrante tanto para el veterinario como para el propietario.

Caso clínico: Triaditis en un gato europeo

Una gata europea castrada de 7 años y 3,2 kg de peso, se presenta con diarrea crónica profusa persistente desde hace dos meses.

Antimicrobial Peptides: The What, The How and The Why

Antimicrobial resistance is a hot topic in both human and veterinary medicine, with concerns flagged that inappropriate use of antibiotics may have contributed to an increase in bacterial resistance worldwide.

Assessment of water intake and urine volume in cats fed a new high-protein high-sodium dry diet

The objective of this study was to evaluate water intake and urine volume in cats fed a new dry diet designed to help management of FIC, in comparison with a control dry diet. (poster URINARY WIB CAT ISFM 2017)

Allerderm™ Foam Cleanser es la nueva espuma limpiadora

La nueva espuma limpiadora de Virbac no necesita aclarado.

What Can Pet Owners Do at Home to Contribute to the Successful Management of Skin Disease?

Vets are very fortunate to have some outstanding medicines to treat the aetiology and clinical signs of atopy, giving both the pet and the owner relief from the angst of allergic skin disease. However, it is easy to overlook the value of topical therapies and simple environmental management routines, which can play an important role in managing the condition whilst also helping to cultivate client relationships.

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