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Antimicrobial Peptides: The What, The How and The Why

Antimicrobial resistance is a hot topic in both human and veterinary medicine, with concerns flagged that inappropriate use of antibiotics may have contributed to an increase in bacterial resistance worldwide.

Gama dietética Veterinary HPM

The development of worm resistance

Trace Minerals and Vaccination

Trace minerals have long been reported to be important for optimal immune function in livestock1.Trace minerals are essential for livestock to mount an immune response to a vaccine and thus derive protection.

Canine Castration: Is There More Than One Way To Crack A Nut?

Along with positive socialisation, training and appropriate nutrition, castration is often considered a key component of responsible dog ownership. As well as preventing accidental mating, castration can be beneficial in preventing specific testosterone related disease and can help in the management of some behavioural issues.


How to detect and prevent milk fever in cattle.

Types of flea treatments available

Few treatments available on the market offer truely integrated flea control. Many treatments only eliminate the adult fleas (adulticides), while other treatments contain insect growth regulators (IGR) which will only eliminate certain stages of the life cycle, such as flea eggs or lavae.

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